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Jagdamba Glass Works (JGW), has been manufacturing double walled glass refills used in vaccum flasks since its very first day. Jagdamba Glass Works (JGW) is today one of the biggest manufacturer & exporter of glass refills in India and has a market share of almost 50% of total exports. We export our products to various countries including China, South America, Europe & Africa.

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We Manufacture & Export Top Quality Glass Refills Made From Finest Quality Glass

Jagdamba Glass Works

Manufacturers & Exporters of Glass Refills

Jagdamba Glass Works

381902664_230Who We Are

Jagdamba Glass Works (JGW) under the name Jagdamba Glass Refills, has been manufacturing best Quality Double walled Glass Liners (known as Glass Refills) used in vacuum flasks since the very first day of its establishment. Using the best available techniques and processes, Jagdamba Glass Refills has captured a large percentage of complete Glass Refills Manufacturing and exporting share in India.  Read more…

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What We Do

Jagdamba Glass Works (JGW) specializes in production of Double Walled Glass Refills for Vacuum Flasks. We regularly produce glass refills from 125ml capacity up to 3000ml in both traditional narrow mouth (flasks) and also in wide mouth (food flasks) categories. We are one of the very few manufacturers in the world, capable of producing refills up to 3000ml. The designs   Read more…